After the overwhelming success of our Kickstarter Campaign in April 2015, we launched our inaugural food waste pickup service in June with a pilot group. We're beyond excited about the support and excitement we received from the nearly 300 people who supported this program. It's reinforced our commitment to proving just how simple and successful composting can be.

Currently, pickup services is for Beacon residents only and runs year round. Our goal is to have everyone who wants to participate be able to. We truly believe that together, we can compost, recycle or repurpose just about everything.


Our vision is to create permanent infrastructure here in Beacon to divert valuable food waste from incineration and landfill, transforming it instead into compost we can use right here in our community. Keeping this valuable resource local for our gardens and farms will dramatically cut down on the amount of waste we create while helping to grow our food, not to mention creating jobs and additional revenue for our city as well. Currently, there is only one compost facility in all of Dutchess County - we want to see that change! Our immediate goal is to have our own facility in Beacon so we can keep this "black gold" local. Our ultimate goal is to perfect the program here in Beacon, and then move on to the next town, and the next and the next!


When you join our program, you'll be assigned a pickup day, currently either Monday or Fridays. A member of our team will come by on the assigned day and collect the compost from your 5-gallon bucket. You're not expected to be home or assist with this; our team is very busy and capable of popping in to a yard or garage, collecting your food waste and heading back out. 
Additionally, a proud aspect of our efforts and mission is that we pick up by bike! Heavy-duty cargo bikes with trailers to be exact. We choose to use bicycles for transport instead of big vehicles with high gas costs and equally high emissions. Our bikes have electric assist motors and let us navigate the streets of Beacon without further harming the environment. Keep an eye out for our fleet and wave hello!